Hello, and welcome to my (currently) humble website.

To see the pages I’ve created (including Publications, About the Artist, and Contact), click the square with lines in the upper right hand corner in order to expand the menu, where you can find the links to those┬ápages.

Right now I plan on using this website to share my (slightly) improved paleoart that I was able to publish for Phil Senter. I worked on a tight deadline for that project (Figure 5, “Resting Orientations of Dinosaur Scapulae and Forelimbs…”) so I was not able to add the small additions that I wanted to in that time frame.

In the future, you can expect to see paleoart that is exclusively for this website and will, hopefully, be a chronicle of my continued improvement, art-wise.

I also accept and encourage critique of my artwork by professional paleoartists. After all, I feel as though critique is the main thing that can help me improve my skills and so that I can see what (if anything), I’m doing wrong, and avoid those mistakes in the future. However, when critiquing please keep in mind that I’ve only been able to use the listed references (which are almost always in photograph form, since I live far away from most museums) and due to this, I probably miss important anatomical information in some of my illustrations. Nonetheless, I strive to be as accurate as possible and in the future, I’d love the opportunity to see more specimens in person so I can get a better idea of their anatomy. I also attempt to consistently stay up to date on theropod literature- but I’m likely to miss things, since again, this is a part time endeavor.

I also appreciate comments from the general public. Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will enjoy my art.