The images that I created for Senter & Robin’s 2015 paper on dinosaur scapulae and forelimb resting orientations are under a CC BY 3.0 US license. You may read about it here:


Therefore, if using the images in Figure 5 of that paper (see Publications link for full citation), you MUST credit me as well as indicate if changes were made.

The images I created for Senter and Juengst’s 2016 paper on the pathologies on the Dilophosaurus wetherilli holotype specimen are also under the same license. (Figures 1 and 2, but note that Figure 1 also contains images of the specimens themselves.) So, again, if you are using these images you MUST credit me as well as indicate what, if any, changes were made to the original.


However, all of the edited images on my blog are watermarked for a reason. You may not use those for any purpose. If you’d like, you CAN share my images (i.e., on Facebook, Twitter, etc), but please do not claim them as your own, and I’d also appreciate if you would link back to my website.

Plagiarism is already rampant in the art world, and paleoart is none the safer. I’m doing my best to safeguard myself against art theft, and I encourage all fellow artists to do the same.

Thank you for your understanding.